4 weeks, 4 days left….

4 weeks and 4 days left. How many times have you heard that today? Once teachers have gone through the usual, “how are you? How was half-term? Did you do anything interesting?” The conversation usually finishes with the countdown to the next break in term time. After repeating this conversation 6 or 7 times I headed out to my first class which was full of eager students ready to learn. Whoops! Did I say full? What I meant to say was only half of my class were on time. Why were they late? My favourite response was the blunt “The bus that gets me in on time is too early”. Oops! Did I say eager to learn? What I meant to say to was, eager to catch up on all the gossip from half term. “I got a job”, “I went to this party”, “I wrote-off my car” and so on. In all honesty it was today that was the write-off. In every single lesson I had to try and use engaging lesson activities in attempt to battle teenage gossip….it was a massacre (no thanks to the new series of TOWIE last night).

Despite the lack of learning taking place today (it will only be today!), I did miss my students over half-term and I think its important that there is a bond between the teacher and student. The fact that the students wanted to share their gossip with me and catch up with me as well as their peers counts for something. Although I do miss my students during my breaks, I’m counting down the next 4 weeks and 4 days until the next one!

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