God Bless Triptico!


For those of you following my twitter account (@truthofteaching) you will know that this week is my formal observation week. I had my observation today and I’m pleased to say that it went well (I’m confident in saying this because I got a good wink from my observer as they left). The lesson had a good pace, the students learned, but most importantly…the students were engaged. In my institution the grade awarded during an observation is heavily influenced by the feedback given by students – so if you can keep the students happy then you keep the observer happy. One tool I use to make sure that my learners are engaged and having a bit of fun is cool piece of teaching software called ‘Triptico’. According to the company who developed the software, it is “a simple desktop app, packed full of innovative resources to enable you to quickly create engaging interactive learning.” 

It does exactly what is says on the tin

Once you have downloaded this FREE app to your desktop you can use any of its tools to spruce up your lessons. There are a range of useful activities including a simple group selector, word games, moving tiles in the correct order and picture games. Each activity has a fun and interactive template that can be easily personalised to match any subject. My personal favourite is the activity called ‘findten’. 


Above is a ‘findten’ activity I used in a recent lesson, as the teacher I set the students the task of identifying the correct 10 answers and to avoid the 5 incorrect answers. Not only do the students enjoy getting up and showing off that they know the answer, but the software also plays a lovely ‘bling’ sound with a correct answer and a funny incorrect noise that is impossible for me to describe when an incorrect tile is selected. The students enjoy it and it’s also great for lesson observations because it engages the group and is a great method for assessing that learning is taking place. One thing that strikes you about Triptico is the quality. All of the tasks are ‘clean’ and easy to use and they give the impression that a lot of time has been spent on the activity, when in fact you can create a task in less than 5 minutes. I’ve asked the students what they think of it and the general consensus is that they like the activities and they learn more when I use Triptico rather than a PowerPoint

I think it is a great tool for teachers and it’s made my lessons better. I have a meeting with my observer booked for tomorrow so I will find out how much impact it has! If you would like to download Triptico, visit their website http://www.triptico.co.uk/ amd follow the instructions. 

  • Have you used Triptico before? Do you find it useful?
  • Have you come across any other useful teaching tools that you would like to share?





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