Schemes and Dreams


You cannot put down any of my students for thinking big. My first 2 lessons today involved setting business students the task of and running an event. I gave the students the added incentive that if they make a profit from this event they can keep the majority of it as long as a portion of it was given to charity. Suddenly my room was full of Alan Sugar’s and Richard Branson’s. I’m going to place a wager with you – First, ask any 16 or 17 year old to organise an event that aims to make a profit. I bet you my job that every single one of them will come back with the same idea – a party. 

“Let’s do a project x!”

Lets not! After setting out some ground rules on the events (no alcohol, gambling, fighting, nudity) the students really got their creative of juices flowing and came up with some great ideas. Unfortunately, the were some that were not so good. You have to worry about the future of business when one student claimed that “if we hire a field, put a bouncy castle in it and charge £20 or summin” I had serious doubts that my students would pull this off. Other not so great ideas were – selling sugar (not really sure how that is an event), teacher UFC and a strip club in college (“dont worry sir, it will be classy”). Eventually with a little bit of guidance, the students have settled on some good ideas and I was really proud when the majority of them said that they would donate all of their profits to charity. It’s not something you would expect from kids that age to give away hard earned money so it surprised me – well done guys!

I also spent the evening interviewer school students who had applied to start my course next year. I’ve got to say that the students I met this evening where polite, courteous and gave a great account of themselves. Each one of them expressed an interest in learning more and developing their skills and they shared their dreams and aspirations like any naive 15 year old would. I really cant wait to get them in my class and teach them.


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